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Men’s League Rules and Regulations

2022 Season League Objective


Our objective is to provide a place where senior softball players can enjoy playing softball and exercising in a friendly atmosphere--a place where the integrity of the game and individuals abound. Our players don't get paid, and they don't risk losing their jobs and their livelihoods if they lose. We all play for the love of the game. We all love competition. We all try to win. That's what competition is all about. But the things that make the experience intoxicating are the friendships, the comradery we experience, and the sportsmanship of the games.



League Organization


The League Board will consist of the Executive Officers, Committee Chairpersons, League Coordinators, and one representative per team.



Executive Officers:

Mike Peel

Operating Officer


Mike Hale

Assistant Operating Officer




 Rules and Regulations Advisory Committee:

Mike Hale Bob Guerra
Billy Ransom Dwayne "Creek" Jones


Park Rules

  • Park rules supercede all other rules.
  • Protests and complaints must be done to the league first, NOT the Parks Department.        


  • Do NOT talk to or distract scorekeepers during gameplay. If the scorekeeper must be spoken to during gameplay, time must be called and gameplay paused until the scorekeeper is no longer distracted.
  • Scorekeeper has no obligation to speak to players during gameplay and time will be given at scorekeepers discretion.
  • Any player wanting clarification on league rules can look it up online at hasskc.com.

Player Eligibility

Players must be at least 49 years of age during the current calendar year for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday leagues maybe a 40’s league. Monday league may add 3 players 58 years of age turning 59 years of age in the calendar year. All additional players must be 60+ within the calendar year.


League members are required to complete and sign the League Membership Form and pay the $20 annual membership fee before playing their first game. New members must also provide age verification (copy of valid birth certificate or valid driver’s license). It is the responsibility of the team manager, as well as the team member, to make sure that the member is properly enrolled.


Any manager who allows a player to participate without paying the annual membership fee will result in an automatic game forfeit. That player’s annual membership would then be $25. The manager could be fined $50 per player and/or face league suspension. The game will be a forfeit. There are no exceptions to this rule!





44 core 375 compression will be furnished by Raytown Parks & Recreation.



All bats must be SPA approved and not exceed 1.21 BPF. A player found using an illegal bat such as the original Freak or any titanium bats will be called out and ejected from the game.


Players’ Protection

Face masks, chest protectors, and shin guards are all allowed if a player chooses to wear them. They are not mandatory.


Minors, serving as batboys/batgirls, are not allowed on the field until time is called by the umpire. They must be behind the dugout fence before the next pitch is delivered.


Field Specifications

All fields will be set up using SPA specifications.


Scoring Plate: A second Home Plate (Scoring Plate) is placed 8’ from the back tip of Home Plate on an extended line from 1st base. A line is drawn from 3rd base to the

Scoring Plate. The Scoring Plate is for use by the runner only.


Strike Zone Mat: Legal pitches striking any portion of the mat or Home Plate will be called a strike. A pitching screen will be used during league games on Monday and Wednesday.


First Base: A double bag (orange) of equal size to the base; the double portion of the bag extending into foul territory abutting first base. If there is a play on a runner going

to first base, the runner must touch the double bag (orange) extending into foul territory rather than first base. The runner shall be called out for failure to do so. The defensive player must record the out by making contact with only first base that is in fair territory.


Commitment Line: A 3’ line perpendicular to the foul line 20’ from Home Plate. Once a runner’s foot touches the ground on or past the Commitment Line, the runner cannot return to 3rd base and must continue toward the Scoring Plate. If a runner re-crosses the Commitment Line they will be declared out and the ball remains live.



Playing Rules

All playing rules subject to ASA, unless superseded by SPA and/or Heart of America Senior Softball league.


Uniforms: All roster players must wear shirts with the team name and numbers on the back. Caps are optional. The shirts may be of different colors, but it is preferred that they be of the same color.


Number of players: 10 defensive players. A team may start the game with 9 roster players and can borrow 1 player who must catch or play right field. If a team has 8 roster players, the team can borrow 2 players who will play right field and catch. If a team has 7 players, the team can borrow 3 players who will play first base, catch, and right field. All borrowed players must bat at the bottom of the batting order.


Line-up Slips: Line-up Slips are provided by the league. If there is a scorekeeper; Lineup Slips must be presented to that person ten (10) minutes prior to game time. If there is no official scorekeeper, either the HOME TEAM or a person designated by both managers becomes the official scorekeeper. Line-up Slips may be exchanged at the meeting of the managers and umpire prior to the start of the game.


Injured Players: If a player gets injured and has to leave the game and there is no one on the bench to replace him, he is removed from the batting order. There will not be an automatic out. The injured player cannot return to that game or any subsequent games that day.


Pitch count: Start with a 1 and 1 count. A courtesy foul is granted after the 2nd strike is fouled. A 3rd strike missed, called, or fouled constitutes an out.


Runs per inning: Each team is allowed 5 runs per inning except for the unlimited inning.


Time Frames: Game time is forfeit time. The clock will start at the first pitch of the game. A new inning begins as soon as the 3rd out is recorded in the bottom of the previous inning. After 45 minutes when 4 games are played, and after 50 minutes when less than 4 games are played, the umpire will announce to both managers “We will finish this inning and play the next inning with unlimited runs”. The game is over after the unlimited inning, if the score is not tied (even if time remains on the clock). Once the game is over, teams are required to gather their equipment and get out of the dugout so the next game can begin.


Flip-Flop Rule: When beginning the unlimited inning, if the Home Team is behind 10 or more runs, then they remain at bat with the defense staying out in the field. If the Home Team does not tie or go ahead, the game is over. If the Home Team comes back to tie or go ahead, then the Visiting Team will bat last. It saves not only time, but embarrassment.


Courtesy Runners: Unlimited courtesy runners are allowed but must be inserted before the first pitch and will be ready to run (no delays). A player may be a courtesy runner only once per inning. A courtesy runner can be anybody on the roster, whether or not they are in the game. If you have been run for in an inning, you cannot run for another player in the same inning. If the courtesy runner is on base, when he is to bat, an “out” is recorded at the base, and the courtesy runner can then bat.


Courtesy runners from home plate cannot be used for slow runners in order to gain an advantage by having a faster runner. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, the competitive leagues can use one courtesy runner from home plate for an injured player only. In the Monday and Wednesday night leagues, courtesy runners from home plate are allowed for injured players and/or players with running disabilities.


Intentional Walks: One batter may be designated by the manager so that if they are walked they will be awarded second base. Exceptions to this are in the unlimited inning and the walk would force in the tieing or go ahead/winning run or in an earlier inning with less than 2 outs and the walk would force in the fifth run.


Plays at Home: All plays at the plate shall be force plays. A defender shall record an out at the plate by having possession of the ball and tagging Home Plate prior to the runner touching the Scoring Plate. If a defender attempts to tag a runner who has passed the Commitment Line, the runner will be called safe and the ball remains live. A runner who attempts to score by touching other than the Scoring Plate shall be called out.


Sliding is permissible at any base (including the Scoring Plate and 1st base).


Over-The-Fence Homerun Rule: Monday and Wednesday Leagues: 2  per game. Tuesday League: 3 per game. Once both teams have reached the limit and have equal over-the-fence homeruns, both teams will be awarded an additional over-the-fence home run (1 up rule) except the home part of the unlimited inning. Any batter that hits a homerun for a team that does not have any homeruns available will immediately be declared out. Runners cannot advance.


Home Run Rule: Monday and Wednesday Leagues: 2 over-the-fence home runs per game, then outs after that., Tuesday, and Thursday Leagues: 3 over-the-fence home runs per game, then outs after that. Once both teams have equal over-the-fence home runs, both teams will be awarded an additional over-the-fence home run (1 up rule) except the home part of the unlimited inning.


International Tiebreaker: Tie games at the end of time limit shall continue until one team has scored more runs than the other at the completion of an inning. Each team will start each additional inning with a runner on 2nd base. The runner will be the last player that completed his turn at bat when the 3rd out was made in the previous inning. No substitute or courtesy runner is allowed to replace the runner starting at 2nd base until he has advanced to 3rd base. If this runner is unable to continue to play, for any reason, the next previous batter will be the tiebreaker runner. The runner that was unable to continue may not play for the remainder of the game. All extra innings will be played with a 3-2 count. If the pitch is a ball, the batter walks; if it is a strike or foul, the batter is out.



HASS Conduct


1. Racism will not be tolerated in the HASS League. Penalty will be the removal of that person or persons from the league.


2. Misconduct will result in a reprimand to be decided by the Rules and Regulations Advisory Committee and/or league managers if necessary. Reprimands can range from discussions with the committee to expulsions from the league. Expulsion may range from one week to a lifetime. All reprimands will be reported to the Parks Office for approval or denial.


3. Managers are responsible for the actions of their players. If you do not control your players, the manager could face the same penalties as the players, as well as additional penalties.


4. Any threats to harm another player will result in suspension.


5. Any threats to kill anyone will result in removal from the league.


6. New players will not be allowed to participate without proper identification. Managers are responsible for the correct I.D. (driver’s license or birth certificate).


7. Any intentional damage to anyone’s personal property will result in removal from the league.


Complaints and Protests


1. Issues and complaints about the HASS league will be handled by HASS league executive officers and the Rules and Regulations Advisory Committee.


2. Protests will be made to HASS. Protest fees will be $100.00, due at the time of the protest. If the protested play is overturned, the $100.00 fee will be refunded to the team. The fee will not be returned if the protested play stands as it was called. Team managers and HASS management will determine the outcome of each protest. Raytown Parks staff will be notified of all protests and will be involved in determining the outcome, if requested.


3. Every effort is made by Raytown Parks and Recreation to provide the proper number of umpires. Games shall proceed as usual, with no refunds given, as long as one umpire is present at game time. Should no ASA sanctioned umpires be available at game time, other Parks staff members can call an official game. If no Parks staff or umpire is available, and both managers decide to play, results shall be official.


4. All players and coaches must have a HASS membership to be on the field during a game.


The Raytown Parks staff agrees to these parameters for the 2022 softball season in an effort to let the HASS League enforce their rules. The updated rules will be re-evaluated before the start of the 2022 season after discussion and evaluation between the Raytown Parks staff and HASS management.


Printable Rules and Regs





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